Moving Maths

The language of mathematics

How does language effect the mastery of numeracy and mathematics?

We can say this sum   9 - 5 = ?   in many different ways?

What is 9 minus 5?

What is left over if I take 5 from 9?

What is 5 less than 9?

Take 5 away from 9.

Subtract 5 from 9.

9 take away 5.

What is the difference between 9 and 5?

Is this language or mathematics?

What is ten percent of fifty?

What percentage is ten of fifty?

Is this maths or grammar?

Long, longer, longest

Wide, wider, widest

Short, shorter, shortest

Heavy, heavier, heaviest

In this video Professor Amanda Kirby renowned dyspraxia specialist explains how verious language difficulties can prevent pupils developing mathematical understanding.